UX Case study: Analyze Indonesia web game portal using UX Law

The increasing growth in the world of gaming entertainment in Indonesia has had a significant impact, especially in unexpected conditions, namely the Covid-19 Pandemic situation that is still happening in the world.

The increase in user games motivates business people such as providing easy solutions to get in-app purchases or some points in the game they want to play. The Game Portal, which makes it easy for gamer solutions, can create fun for users. In Indonesia, there is a game portal called UPoint that helps game users to fill the deposit in-game.

So what is Upoint? And what are its uses?

Upoint.id is a game portal that makes it easy for gamers to buy game items (in-app purchases) and desired in-game vouchers without having to register first (Login) and have various kinds of payments from credit, bank, and e-money.

UX Law with Upoint Game Web Portal

Introduction to the Game and Upoint provides new knowledge where the improvement in the Game’s activities is quite significant. Then, what connects UX Law with the Upoint Game Web Portal?

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Understanding human psychology and user behavior can help improve and create a much better product based on the UX Law that has been determined previously. Through this article, I will try to analyze further through the procedures that have been determined by the UX Law that can affect user behavior.

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Objective Goals

This study aims to redesign using the rules from the UX Law which are further analyzed with the objective suitability of using the UPoint Website. With the redesign, it is hoped that users will be more enthusiastic about using UPoint with some of the conveniences provided and user experiences that can lead to repetition of using the UPoint Website and receiving information provided by the website.

This is what I will discuss as my learning through the UX Productzilla program by analyzing 4 rules of UX Law of the Game Web Portal in Indonesia.

Miller’s Law

The average person can only keep 7 (plus or minus 2) items in their working memory.

In the case of the Upoint Website, several games are displayed simultaneously with a very large number. This makes the user bigger to choose which game to top up.

Example for Miller’s Law

Based on Miller’s Law which was stated in 1956 that the range of human memory is limited to about 7 pieces of information. The main unit of information is the bit, the amount of data required to choose between two equally likely alternatives.

So based on Miller’s Law theory itself, it appears that Upoint wants to make it easier for game users who need top up on the desired game and there need to be adjustments from three categories, namely based on the promos that are in effect at a certain time, the games most often purchased, and the type of platform (Mobile/PC).

Hick’s Law

Sometimes a user interface will decide to choose something that makes converting to purchase quicker and easier.

The time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.

The theory, which was founded by William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman in 1952, is an invention to examine the relationship between the number of stimuli present and the individual reaction time to each given stimulus.

Upoint is a website for selling game vouchers, especially in Indonesia. So the ease of purchase is the main key to the success of a game portal website to top up games. The first convenience that has been provided by Upoint is that users do not need to register or log in and only need to provide a phone number and email on the payment page.

However, it’s a little tricky to use the interface which requires scrolling down to complete the purchase.

Suggestion Hick’s Law One Page
Example for Hick’s Law

In the example, it makes it easier for users to make payments without having to scroll down first, but with just a one-page view the user can complete the payment. In addition, I added a filter on the payment method that will be used by the user which is useful to make it easier for the type of payment to be made. I also added several product page features that will be selected to make it easier for users to return if an error occurs in product selection.

This can also be done by Hick’s Law which determines the decision to perform an action based on the ease of the interface.

Zeigarnik Effect

People remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.

This discovery, made by the Soviet psychologist Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik in the 1920s, has the effect of an incomplete task creating mental stress that keeps it at the forefront of our memories. It states that a person will continue to remember something that has not been completed than a task that has been completed.

In-game users, often happen when there is a game item that you want to get but the need for an additional in-game deposit that must be completed. This affects the user’s decision to top up a game.

Currently, Upoint does not provide payment solutions as stated in the theory of Zeigarnik Effect can have a mental impact that a person has on user payments. In addition, the purpose of the existence of Upoint itself will not be achieved because the user does not buy or increase the desired amount.

Suggestion using Zeigarnik Effect

Law of Proximity

The ease that can be obtained by users is about the information provided on a media. It determines what the user’s destination is based on how far from the object is to be searched in a medium.

Objects that are near, or proximate to each other, tend to be grouped together.

Upoint is a medium that is not only an aggregator of game voucher needs. However, many things can be explored further, such as tournament info, tips, and tricks on certain games, to articles related to what is happening in the game world today.

Because the rules defined by an object that are not close have an impact on the user experience which is quite bad where a media cannot be fully activated. Upoint is one of the media that has not implemented the Law of Proximity.

The example above shows that there is still a lot of space that can be used to provide more information based on the number of objects that will be given by categorizing them into appropriate groups. In the image that has been adjusted, the thing that will be prioritized is that the user can see information about the ongoing game tournament as well as a list to join the tournament.


Based on the redesign that has been done, in this study, I used a data collection in the form of a quantitative method which was distributed to users of the Upoint Website. The data collection survey aims to find out how far the results are acceptable to users.

In the opinion of respondents who filled out the survey that the ease of transacting in payments is very important, it means that this payment redesign makes it easier for users without having to scroll down to complete payments by showing all one payment page. This is with the survey results as many as 10 respondents stated appropriate and 7 respondents stated very appropriately.

Miller’s Law Survey Result

In the opinion of the respondents who filled out the survey that ease of transaction in payments is very important which means that the redesign of this payment makes it easier for users without having to scroll down to complete payments in a way that one payment page is visible all. This is with the survey results as many as 10 respondents said it was appropriate and 7 respondents said it was very appropriate.

Hick’s Law Survey Result

Ease of transaction provides quick decisions in the settlement of payments for goods or services purchased. This relates to how far the process is carried out by the user towards the payment he wants. Suggestions on the UPoint payment page itself are added with the Zeigarnik Effect method so that users are aware and know what processes have not been completed. In this survey, 14 respondents said that the use of the Zeigarnik Effect method could have a significant impact and was urgently needed to improve the UPoint website.

Zeigarnik Effect Survey Result

The information provided by UPoint is closely related to the needs of gamers such as tournament information, promos, as well as tips and tricks in playing games. The redesign on this information page uses groupings for each type of information to be provided. This is reinforced by a survey with the results obtained by 13 respondents saying the suitability of the information is relevant to what the user will receive.

Lesson Learned 😏

Upoint Indonesia Game Web Portal, many things need to be developed further, in which the purpose of the game portal needs to be adjusted. I feel happy to be able to learn to understand how game users feel who will explore further the uses of Upoint Indonesia such as the game portal which is usually used to buy game items, game vouchers, and things around the games.

The number of games displayed on the first page provides a not-so-good experience for game users who want to shop. As for the convenience without the need to register or log in, it can have a good impact, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide good feedback. In addition, other information is still considered less informative, such as tournament information and tips and tricks that can be used to increase user repetition of Upoint.

Therefore, there are some aspects that I might need to do better in the future. I need to involve more game users to be involved in developing Upoint further by gathering feedback through the proposed design.

I would like to thank all colleagues who have helped me and gathered their feedback and support for what I have done with this research. Also, I would like to say thank you so much to my mentor at the Productzilla Academy for all the input and suggestions.

Thank you for reading this case study. If you have feedback, I’m very pleased to be able to receive input and suggestions.

See you guys! ️ 👀



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